Our History

Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company blotter from 1883

Incorporated in 1828, The Andover Companies has a modern business philosophy backed by a long and colorful history. We began as the Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company, back when the Merrimack seal literally decided a home’s fate.

Old metal sign with text "Insured at Andover"

Today, The Andover Companies consists of three distinct companies, with headquarters in Andover, MA, and operations in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

The Andover Companies has consistently been rated "A" (Excellent) or higher by A.M. Best, an independent insurance rating firm. You can count on us for financial consistency and dependability.

Person typing on a laptop

You can also count on us to stay on the leading edge of financial services technology. We’re cloud-based and mobile-friendly, and we’re continually investing in new technologies for our customers every day.

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