Assists business owners with the cost of repairing a building damaged by floodwaters.

If floodwater leaks, seeps, or flows into a business’s property, it can quickly cause substantial and costly damages to the building and its contents. Flood Insurance may help business owners cover the costs of repairs, replacements, or a full rebuild after a covered flood loss.

This photo shows a flood outside of a building and represents flood insurance from The Andover Companies.


After experiencing flood-related water damage, a business owner with Flood Insurance may get help covering the costs of repairs, restoration, and cleanup. However, this coverage is not commonly included in a Businessowners Insurance policy or other commercial insurance policies. Review this coverage with an independent insurance agent who can assist in adding it to your insurance plan.

Flood Insurance typically covers losses and damages to a commercial building and its contents that occur due to the following types of waters entering a property from the outside:
  • Surface Water
  • Waves, Tidal Water, or Tidal Wave
  • Overflow of Streams or Other Bodies of Water
  • Water Below the Ground’s Surface that Flows, Seeps, or Leaks into the Building
  • Water Backups through Sewers or Drains
This is a photo of a sunset over a body of water next to a city and represents flood insurance from The Andover Companies.


The best way to find out what Flood Insurance will cost is to work with one of the highly qualified independent insurance agencies in The Andover Companies network. They will evaluate your property and the factors that help determine your flood cost, such as:

  • Flood Risk
  • Year of Construction
  • Building Occupancy
  • Number of Floors
  • Location of Contents
  • Elevation of Lowest Flood

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