This photo is a worker standing over a case of ice cream and represents business property insurance from The Andover Companies.


Provides business owners with coverage for direct physical loss of or damage to their building and its contents.

Whether your business experiences a fire, is the victim of a break-in, or gets hit by a huge storm, the damage can be extensive. Without Business Property Insurance, getting your business and building back in working order again may require significant out-of-pocket expenditures.

This photo is of a desks and their computers and represents business property insurance from The Andover Companies.


Business Property Insurance may help business owners pay for repairs, replacements, or a full rebuild after a covered loss.

This coverage typically helps pay for costs related to repairing or replacing the following:
  • Owned or Rented Buildings
  • Completed Building Additions
  • Indoor/Outdoor Fixtures
  • Permanently Installed Machinery and Equipment
  • Business-Owned Items
  • Property Used to Maintain or Service the Building
  • Other’s Property in the Care, Custody, or Control of the Business or Business Owner
  • If You Are a Landlord, Your Personal Property in Apartments or Rooms You Furnished
  • If You Are a Tenant, Your Improvements and Betterments
This photo is of a woman giving a business man a tour of the building and represents business property insurance from The Andover Companies.


There are several ways business owners may want to expand their business property insurance coverage and tailor it to their specific building and its contents. Please talk to a local independent insurance agent about adding coverage extensions such as:

  • Valuable Papers and Records
  • Outdoor Property
  • Personal Effects
  • Business Property Off Premises
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Business Property at Newly Acquired Premises
  • Broad Form Water Damage
  • Money and Securities
  • Earthquake
  • Flood

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“As small-business owners, we have always chosen to place our Businessowners Policy with The Andover Companies. Their product offerings are comprehensive, and their rates are competitive. Most importantly, we feel they have always done right in protecting us. We confidently recommend Andover and are grateful for the relationship we share.”

Lindsey S.

“We always seem to be on the same page with The Andover Companies, especially when it comes to risk appetite, and we both embrace that insurance is a relationship-driven business. No other insurance company is as agency-friendly as or treats us better than Andover.”

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“I clicked with The Andover Companies right away, and I truly appreciate the team’s unmatched dedication to its agents. They go out of their way to support, which is very rare among carriers these days.”

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