Merrimack Mutual Home Insurance Water Shut-Off Discount Program

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Eligibility and
Sign-Up Criteria

Thank you for your interest in the Merrimack Mutual credit for qualifying* policyholders in New Hampshire who shut off the main water supply when their home is unoccupied.

Policyholders must sign and submit the form below acknowledging they will manually shut off the main water supply when their secondary or seasonal home is unoccupied for four days or more, regardless of the season. You must provide a photograph of the valve in the closed with the form.

Discount Offer

  • 6% discount for the first year.
  • 4% discount for the second year.
  • 2% discount for the third year.

The discount drops off after the third year. Insureds may submit a new signed acknowledgment form and updated photo yearly to avoid the reduced credit and maintain the 6%.

* No forced hot water heating systems.

Cover photo for The Andover Companies Main Water Valve Shutoff Acknowledgement form

Main Water Valve Shut-off Acknowledgment Form

You can find more details concerning the specifics of this home insurance credit when you download the acknowledgment form. Please sign the form and promptly return it to your insurance agent.

Download The Form