4 Reasons to Go with an Independent Insurance Agent

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Why work with an independent insurance agent? Here are four good reasons to partner with a local insurance professional.
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1. They’re not “captives.”

Independent insurance agents can sell policies from a variety of insurers, because they’re not employed (and therefore aren’t beholden to) a specific insurance company. Captive agents, on the other hand, work forand sell policies fromone insurance company. Captive agents represent the insurer’s interests. Independent agents represent yours.

The bottom line: An independent agent evaluates your needs and shops around to find the best policy to meet them. You get more options and a better deal.

2. They can save you money.

It’s a simple equation: The more options you have, the more likely you are to find a policy that not only fits your needs but saves you money. A good independent insurance agent will start the process by asking about your assets so you get the correct coverage. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, the agent should go over the policies to ensure you know exactly what’s included.

The bottom line: An independent agent doesn’t have a vested interest in any one brand or company. They can focus on what matters: getting you the best coverage at the best price.

3. They can give you unbiased advice.

Think of your agent as your advisor. An independent agent can help you sort the hype from the hard facts. They draw on their industry knowledge, the track records of different brands (big and small), and past experiences with other customers to help you find the best policies and avoid the bad ones. They have the reputation and the expertise to evaluate not only your coverage needs but also the changes in your net worth over timeand then guide you to the right decision.

The bottom line: An independent agent knows the market and can give you balanced insight to help narrow down your options to the best companies and policy for you.

4. They can help with claims.

Life happens. And when it does, you want an insurance agent that can help you report your claim and navigate the claims process. When you are unsure of the next step, your agent has the experience to clarify procedures and answer common questions, moving your claim forward.

The bottom line: An independent agent can help you achieve the common goal of a fast, fair claim resolution.

The Andover Companies has offered policies exclusively through independent agents for over a century. We provide exceptional customer service and claims support and receive consistently high ratings from AM Best and our independent agents.



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